Book Design

Project: The Supreme Court

This book examined the momentous 2015 decisions on healthcare and same-sex marriage, as well as the Court’s historical impact on every aspect of our daily lives.


Project: Alexander Hamilton Biography

This 2015 book examined the fascinating life of the most complex, visionary and controversial Founding Father—from his immigrant youth, to his invention of our financial system, to his death in a famous duel.


Project: Steve Jobs Commemorative

When Jobs passed away, Time Books produced a special edition in 48 hours.


Project: The World of Special Ops

In a post-911 world, asymmetrical warfare is often the primary tactical option. U.S. Special Forces—the Navy Seals and Delta Force, are a central to this approach. A look inside them, and how they were created.


Project: The Beatles 50th Anniversary

In February 1964 The Beatles landed at JFK Airport, launching an invasion that changed music, culture and politics forever.


Project: Thomas Jefferson

This Founding Father distrusted the Federal government, but he loved architecture, agriculture food and wine. A look at his legacy, including his role in slave ownership.


Project: Inside the Red Border

The history of the 20th Century is told by the covers of TIME magazine. The 272-page book is divided into different subject areas such as Politics, War, Religion, Business, the Age of Terror, Science + Medicine, Culture and the Artists + Entertainers, which is presented in full below the rule to show the structure and design of the book.


Sample Chapter: Artists & Entertainers from Picasso to Wynton Marsalis